Top 10 Tips to Crack Bigg Boss 11 Audition 2017- How to Prepare for BB 11 Interview

By | August 24, 2017

10 Tips to Crack Bigg Boss 11 Audition 2017. How to Prepare for BB Season 11 Audition? A simple way to crack Bigg Boss Season 11 Audition Interview. How to prepare for Bigg Boss 11 Auditions at BiggBoss11Updates.Com

Colors Channel most eminent shows Bigg Boss 11 which will start soon on Indian Television with a grand opening by joining a hand with the Bollywood Megastar Salman Khan. This time, Salman Khan is shooting for the promo along with Colors channel Naagin actress Mouni Roy. This is shocking but true. Here we are talking about the 10 simple ways to crack Bigg Boss 11 Auditions 2017.

How to crack Bigg Boss 11 Audition 2017? How to Prepare for Bigg Boss 11 Audition Interview? Total 10 tips to complete Bigg Boss season 11 audition interview. I know there are a lot of questions to ask but don’t worry, we are here to resolve your query with all the question answers. Even we will tell you about the question which mainly asks during Bigg Boss 11 Audition. Just go through the below-given information to know about the Bigg Boss 11 Audition 2017. Also read, Bigg Boss 11 Contestants Name List 2017

10 Tips to Crack Bigg Boss 11 Audition 2017- How to Prepare for BB 11 Interview

10 Tips to Crack Bigg Boss 11 Audition 2017:

Here we are going to explain total 10 tips through which you will feel good and relaxing during Bigg Boss 11 Audition 2017. It is much important to look cool and relaxing during an interview because the makers of the show are looking for some points in the candidates who are able to participate in the Bigg Boss 11 show. So that, here we are going to tell you something about those important points or qualities. Just go through the below-given information. You, people, must have to check out how to prepare for Bigg Boss 11 Auditions 2017 or how to crack Bigg Boss 11 Auditions 2017?

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1. Firstly, you guys must have to make an amazing, attractive, and fantastic cool video with the length around 3 minutes in the proper format which is mentioned there on the official page of the Bigg Boss 11 especially on Your video is the first impression over the Bigg Boss 11 makers which will decide whether your application will get the short list or not. So that you have to give proper attention to your video.

2. Good Looks: To look good is such a big thing which is mostly considered by the Bigg Boss 11 makers. To look good doesn’t mean that you are having a fair color or your face is so beautiful. No! To look good means your personality, way of dressing, way to make hairs, way to talk, and everything. All over you can call it s body language which is so much important to deal with.

3. Speak Loudly and Clearly: To speak loud and clear is the third one point. But this is also an important point to consider. Actually, this is such a nice thing to carry out by every person. When someone speaks loudly and clearly, it may attract people naturally. So that’s why Bigg Boss 11 makers are using his point also to shortlist the best person out of so many.

4. Shoot Horizontal Video: Guys as I already told you about the video but I forgot to add one more point there and that is, you have to make your video in the horizontal direction, not in a vertical manner. Your video must be in a landscape manner.

5. Don’t use professionals in making your video because it looks like that you are not shooting your video naturally. That is completely edited and all. So that’s why you just make your selfie video which contains your complete intro in a good manner.

6. Be Yourself: Guys you have to express yourself so clearly and in a loyal manner. You have to explain yourself whatever you are in the real. Don’t be formal or duplicate during to shoot the video and especially when you will sit in front of the judges who will take your audition.

7. Share your Experience: It’s really looking good and open nature when you can share your experiences with your friends, near and dear ones. This show that you are the very much social person who wants to spend all the time in between people not alone.

8. Tell them about your hobbies, your interesting part, your life experiences including your travelings, schooling, college life, and much more. It looks like you are an interesting person who gathers a lot of memories from the life. All over it shows like you are such an interesting character.

9. Don’t behave desperately: When you go for Bigg Boss 11 auditions 2017. As we know, some people are getting nervous, some are getting over excited, some are getting over confident, and some shows like they are very much desperate about the show. But all these things are wrong if they can go out of control. So it’s better that you can never show your desperation about the show.

10. Be Clear and Loyal with the interviewer because it will helpful for you to make a good image in front of judges and after that, you will get good vibes from them too. As we know, everyone likes those people who are loyal and true in every situation.

So guys, its all about the 10 tips for Bigg Boss 11 Auditions 2017 which are very much helpful for you people because it will lead you to the success just to crack Bigg Boss 11 Audition 2017. So just stay in touch with us. We will provide all the information here time to time. Very soon, registration will get over and then auditions will get starts. Just hold your breath and wait for the moment when your turn will come.

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