Puneesh Sharma’s Big Secret Revealed by Priyank in Bigg Boss 11 House

By | October 28, 2017

Puneesh Sharma‘s Big Secret Revealed by Priyank in Bigg Boss 11 House on BiggBoss11Updates.com

The most trending and controversial reality show of the Colors TV channel is Bigg Boss 11 show which is getting so much interesting day by day. Here we are talking about the Puneesh Sharma and his family. Guys, it’s not a family of mother father sister or brother. It is about the Puneesh Sharma wife and a son who are existed in Delhi. But everyone is unaware of this reality of Puneesh Sharma.

Even this time, Puneesh Sharma is getting attracted towards Bandgi Kalra who is also a contestant of Bigg Boss 11. They both are coming close to each other in this show. Finally, they are carrying out their love relationship with each other. But now the wild card entry Priyank Sharma is coming to the show.

Bigg Boss 11 Latest News: Puneesh Sharma has a Wife and Son, Bandgi Kalra Gets Shattered:

As we know, Priyank Sharma was taking an entry in the Bigg Boss 11 show in the starting period. But he was evicted from the show in the first week. Nobody knows that he will come back to the show as a wildcard entrant. But now he came to the show again and finally decides to expose the Puneesh Sharma in front of the family members especially in front of Bandgi Kalra.

Priyank Sharma says to Bandgi Kalra that Puneesh Sharma is already a married man and he is having one son also. Bandgi is getting shattered to hear this reality of Puneesh Sharma. She thinks that he is alone and not a married person. She thinks that he is unmarried. Even though, all family members are getting shattered to hear this.

Puneesh Sharma Wife and Son Photos: Bigg Boss 11 latest news:

Puneesh Sharma's Big Secret Revealed by Priyank in Bigg Boss 11 House

Puneesh Sharma is married and a son too. This reality of Puneesh shattered Bandgi Kalra because she loves him and even their love talks are spreading across the world via National television. Let see what will happen next in the Bigg Boss 11 show. Will Puneesh Gets Eliminate from the show because he breaks a heart of the lot of viewers and their favorite Bandgi Kalra.

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