Ishqbaaz 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update

By | October 5, 2017

Ishqbaaz 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on | Ishqbaaz October 5, 2017:-

The Star Plus Serial Ishqbaaz continues with the scene in which Shivaay is searching to Anika in the Oberoi Mansion. When he is searching to Anika then Tanya comes there. Tanya ask what are you searching? Shivaay says nothing. Then suddenly the light goes. Shivaay think that Anika get scared from darkness. He says to Tanya that I have to check out the main switch.

Shivaay goes and says to Anika that you are scared of darkness then what are you doing here? Anika asks do you really remember this? Then why are you not accepting our relationship? What is going on? Please say something Shivaay, I am your wife. Shivaay hugs her tightly. Anika feels so much good. Tanya sees them.

Ishqbaaz 5th October 2017 Written Episode:

When Anika and Shivaay are talking with each other. Then Tanya comes there. Tanya ask what are you doing here? Shivaay says I was checking the main switch. Tanya says but how the main switch can be in this room? Shivaay says when this house was made then you were so much small. Otherwise we will ask you? Shivaay and Tanya goes from there.

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Ishqbaaz 5th October Written Episode Update

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Anika thinks that thank god Shivaay remember me. But what is going on with Shivaay. I have to fins out. Anika make the plan with Khanna. Tanya is coming and then Khanna has to do something. But suddenly the phone call comes on the cell phone on Khanna. Khanna leave the rod because of phone call. The plan get ruined.

Ishqbaaz 5th October 2017 Written Episode:

Tanya get scared. Anika comes there. Anika ask what happened? Tanya says actually I am going to enter my room. Then suddenly this rod get fall down. But this is my luck that the rod get fall down before me. Now again Anika and Khanna makes the new plan for Tanya. She prepare the drinks for Tanya. Khanna ask this for Tanya mam? Anika says no this for you.

Anika says of course this is for Tanya. This is Jamal Ghota. On the other side, Omkara and Gauri reached the hotel. Omkara has some doubts on Gauri. He think that she has affair with someone else. Omkara is thinking that this is the last day with Gauri. Gauri is thinking that today she will propose to Omkara in the english style. Here Anika prepare the Jamal Ghota for Tanya.

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