Ishqbaaz 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update, Upcoming Story

By | October 13, 2017

Ishqbaaz 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update, Upcoming Story

The serial starts with the scene when Shivaay is thinking that how I will find the clue. He wants to know that who kills to Shukla. Shivaay is getting tensed because all things are going to be mashup. Tej, Shakti, Janavi and Pinki are talking with each other. Tej tells that Shukla is in Coma. Pinki start blaming to each other. Janavi says this not the time to blame each other. Now we have to think a solid plan. Otherwise we all get stuck in this plan.

Shakti ask tell us now what we can do? Tej says now we have to go to Goa. Shivaay is listening all the talks. Now Shivaay  thinks that if my family is going to Goa to hide the truth. Now I gave to go to Goa to find out the truth. Shivaay is thinking that this is my family. I have to find out the truth at any cost. Because this is my family. I have to save my family.

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Ishqbaaz 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update:

Anika comes to the room of Shivaay. Shivaay says why you come here without telling me. Anika says oh it means I have to take the permission to come here. Shivaay says because the situation is not normal. Anika says last night Tanya is making me jealous. Because she was doing the acting that she is your real wife. Shivaay says now I have to go?

Anika ask where are you going? Shivaay says I have a urgent work. Anika says no you are hiding something please tell. Shivaay says I have an urgent work. Anika says I will also come with you. Shivaay says because there is so much danger. Anika start doing dance with Shivaay. Shivaay is eating the food. Dadi ask where is Anika? Shivaay says I don’t know.

Ishqbaaz 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update:

Anika comes and start blaming to Shivaay. She says someone don’t want to see me. Anika says today I will not eat the food. Dadi ask but why? Anika says because he is not talking with me. Anika play the song in the cell phone. Shivaay get irritated. He goes from there. Rudra calls to Bavya and ask where are you? You don’t reach on the time.

Bhavya says okay I am coming sir. Rudra says come fast and I want the coffee. She says but you take the protein. Rudra says you don’t have the right to ask me anything.

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