Chandra Nandini Latest News: Bindusaar Gets Ready to Marry Dharma

By | September 28, 2017

Chandra Nandini Latest News: Bindusaar Gets Ready to Marry Dharma on

Here we are going to tell you about the Star Plus channel Chandra Nandini latest news 2017. For which all people or viewers are getting so much excited to know about this. Actually, the Helena creates a situation of Bindusaar and Chitra’s marriage just to make her daughter Elis marriage successful with Champanagar Prince Kartikeya.

But due to which Chitra is getting so much upset because she loves Prince Bhadraketu, not Bindusaar. She clearly tells her parents that she won’t marry Bindusaar and this is her last-final decision. They are very much unhappy with this decision of Chitra.

Even though they are trying to make Chitra ready for this marriage by saying that Champanagar Princess is not having any right to choose her prince if your father gave his statement then it’s your duty to follow the words of your father. Chitra recalls Bhadra words like he will come back soon and will marry her also.

Chandra Nandini Latest News 2017: Helena Provokes Bindusaar Against Dharma:

In the Chandra Nandini Upcoming Story, Chitra will make a plan to solve this problem by introducing someone else to her place. She decides to make  Dharma ready to sit at her place in the marriage mandap and will marry Bindusaar instead of her. Dharma will get scared to hear this. But when Dharma comes to know that Chitraleka loves Bhadraketu then Dharma gets ready to marry Bindusaar just to make Chitralekha and Bhadraketu love life successful.

Chandra Nandini Latest News 2017: Bindusaar Gets Ready to Marry Dharma: Shocking News-

But during this time, Helena hears out their conversation and she gets shocked to hear this. So that Helena will decide to provoke Bindusaar against Dharma and makes him ready to take a revenge from her. Bindusaar will get ready to marry Dharma to take a revenge from Nandini too. Just get ready to get all excitements, upcoming updates, and gossips.

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