Bigg Boss 11: Sapna Choudhary Nominated This Week, Puneesh Betrayed Her

By | November 14, 2017

Bigg Boss 11: Sapna Choudhary Nominated This Week, Puneesh Betrayed Her on

The Colors TV Most controversial reality shows Bigg Boss 11 is getting popular day by day only because of the Bigg Boss 11 contestants. In today’s episode when the nomination process is being carried out in the Bigg Boss 11 house. In this task, all people are getting so much excited because Bigg Boss is giving such a nice task to the contestants to save their favorite inside the house. But when the Sapna’s turn is coming and she picks up the Bigg Boss called. He says to Sapna that if Puneesh will wear your suit every time until Sunday of this week then it would lead you safe from the nominations of this week. Sapna gets shocked to hear this.

Everyone is looking at her just to ask what happened? What did Bigg Boss tell her to do? But Sapna replies that it’s not possible whatever Bigg Boss told me, that was completely impossible. Hiten asks her to say everything to them once maybe something will easy to do. They ask the name of the contestants for which Sapna gets a dare to do. Sapna Choudhary says that it’s all about Puneesh Sharma.

Bigg Boss 11 Latest News: Sapna Choudhary Nominated This Week- See How:

Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra are getting shocked to hear Puneesh Sharma’s name. Puneesh asks Sapna that what happened? You tell me? What happened? Sapna says that Puneesh will have to wear my suits until Sunday. Bandgi says no this is nonsense because I never want to see my brother in suits then how could you say all of this to Puneesh to do?

Sapna Choudhary says that I know it’s difficult but what can I do? Bigg Boss told me everything and I told you then what is my mistake in this? If you are not ready to do this then it’s ok to leave it. I will get nominate myself for this week. Hiten asks Puneesh to think once on this matter and will take his decision. Akash Dadlani is trying to provoke Puneesh by saying that you are a dude man then how can you do this?

Hiten calls Vikas Gupta there and asks him to suggest Puneesh Sharma whether he will do this or not? Vikas Gupta says that it’s not as wrong as it looks on. It looks like a Pathani suit and nothing else. Everyone laughs. Puneesh asks Vikas that will he support him in this task or not? Vikas replies that I will think over it and even Hiten Bhai will also support us. Let see. Puneesh says no, I won’t do this. Finally. Sapna gets nominated this week.

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