Bigg Boss 11 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update

By | October 3, 2017

Bigg Boss 11 written updates 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on Bigg Boss 11

The Colors TV Channel will be going to start the new Upcoming Reality Show. Sapna is sitting outside in the garden area in the night time. Shivani is coming there and starts to talk to each other about all people. Luv calls for their breakfast and asks about the breakfast. Then Hiten takes the call and starts to talk to him. Suddenly, Arshi Khan is coming there and snatches the phone from Hiten’s hand and then starts to talk to him very romantically. Luv asks her whether you have prepared a breakfast or not? Arshi asks what will she make? Luv replies that I don’t know, but you have to send a food for 6 people in your neighborhood.

Bigg Boss 11 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update:

It’s a nomination time when Bigg Boss makes an announcement like a nomination process will carry out here in the living area where all people are already present.

  1. Bandagi Nominated Jyoti and Shilpa Shinde

2) Priyank Sharma nominated Shilpa Shinde and Zubair Khan

3) Shivani nominated Shilpa Shinde and Aakash

4) Hiten nominated Zubair Khan

5) Hina nominated Zubair Khan and Vikas Gupta

6) Vikas Gupta nominated Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan

7) Arshi Khan nominated Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde

8) Shilpa Shinde nominated Hina Khan and Sapna

9) Puneesh nominated Benafsha and Vikas Gupta

10) Jyoti nominated Benafsha and Hina Khan

11) Benafsha Soonawalla nominated Shilpa Shinde and Jyoti

12) Aakash nominated Shivani Durgah and

13) Sapna Nominated Shilpa Shinde and Jyoti

14) Zubair Khan nominated Jyoti and


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Bigg Boss 11 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update:

Finally, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that four contestants who are finally nominated for this week are as Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Jyoti, and Zubair Khan. Bigg Boss added that the nomination process is not getting finished yet because you are having neighbor too. So that’s why your neighbor will also decide for you. Now the neighbor will have one out of these four. We will wait till their decision will come out.

Now the Bigg Boss talks to the neighbor about their nominations and votes then everyone makes some discussion about this nominations and decides to save Hina Khan and notimates Arshi Khan and Bandagi. Now the Bigg Boss makes an announcement of neighbors decision.

Now the finally nominated contestant for this week are as:

  1. Arshi Khan
  2. Bandagi
  3. Zubair Khan
  4. Jyoti
  5. Shilpa Shinde

Friends start to do Online Voting for Bigg Boss 11 contestants who are nominating this week. To save all these contestants, you have to give your vote to your favorite contestants. You people must have to do an online voting just to save your favorite contestants among these five like as Arshi Khan, Bandagi, Zubair Khan, Jyoti, and Shilpa Shinde. Your one vote will easily save your favorite contestant by doing one of thee online vote for the Bigg Boss 11 contestant.

You can do this Bigg Boss 11 Voting until Thursday 23:50 pm.

Later all people are sitting together when Vikas is getting upset to see the bare body of Aakash because he removes his t-shirt anytime which may create a wrong environment for all people who are present there which may include girls and boys both. Aakash is laughing a lot and says her to go out from here. Later all people are trying to make Aakash understand the situation and not to removes clothes anywhere else. It’s better for him. But Aakash is not ready to hear any word against his body.

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